【Pre-order】Made by Nagata shoes craftsman with genuine leather half wing tip shoes (Maroon) [Leather boots: Made in Japan]

【Pre-order】Made by Nagata shoes craftsman with genuine leather half wing tip shoes (Maroon) [Leather boots: Made in Japan]




Seems like putting wings on your feet to go where you want.

Spring, it is a new season, let us fly to a new place! In order to present this emotion, we planned the shoes with a wing tip design with Ms. Ai Morishita, a shoe planner in Kobe. Wingtips, which is the origin of the name of the W-shaped pattern on the top tip side, looks like a wing. The medallions (hole decorations) are concentrated on the half wing with the wings only on the toe tip, and with a light design. Compared to the full brogues shoes with holes on the sides, it is not heavy and has a clean look. Ms. Morishita, who likes wingtips herself, has created a smart design that suits women while retaining a masculine scent. It looks slender and has a high instep and wide foot that fits perfectly. The front is neatly made of domestically produced cowhide, and the inside is made of soft pigskin, making it easy to wear and comfortable like a sneaker. The well-fitting sole provides excellent cushioning, and the moderate heel height which are suitable for both pants and skirts style. This light brown is a calm and elegant color. It creates a mature temperament like a wing tip.




■Materials / Outside : Cowhide Inner : Pigskin ets. Insole : Synthetic leather Sole : Synthetic sole
※The circumference of the foot is the length through the base of the thumb and little toe.
※Please handle with care as it uses delicate materials.
※Because it used natural material, so the color, texture may differ slightly.
※Because it is leather product, there may be unique wrinkles and unevenness on the surface, some scratches and black spots, and color blurring and unevenness.
※Please select the size from 1-7 when you ordering.
※This is the first model released in 2020.
(Made in Japan)

※This order is pre-order. Products will be delivered from Late November 2022 - Late December 2022.
※Please understand if we are out of stock.

●Please also refer to the Shopping Guide.





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