【Pre-order】Elaborated by the Watch Craftsman in Kanazawa, the shining coral and gold leaf watch 〈Shinonome/ Color of daybreak〉

【Pre-order】Elaborated by the Watch Craftsman in Kanazawa, the shining coral and gold leaf watch 〈Shinonome/ Color of daybreak〉




The combination of the coral X gold leaf dial looks like a small Japanese painting.

Mr. Ko Ushijima is an art director of the watch workshop and a Japanese painter. His new proposal this time is a watch with a dial that is gold foil stamped on top of mineral pigments made from natural coral. Mineral pigments are particulate paints made by crushing ore. It was introduced to Japan from the mainland in the Asuka period, and its raw materials, manufacturing and usage methods have not changed for 1,400 years, and it is still used in Japanese paintings nowadays. The colors are unique and beautiful paints that are unique in the world. The finely detailed mineral pigments made from precious natural coral have a true “coral color”. The gentle and soft color is a taste unique to nature. The gold leaf used for the foil stamping is made using a unique Japanese foil stamping method called “Entsuke” gold leaf, which is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. On the rough surface peculiar to mineral pigments, the pattern of hemp leaves is expressed by foil stamping with gold leaf. The hemp leaf design is also expressed as an index to indicate the time. To match the coral color of the dial, Mr. Ushijima chose a Shinonome-iro (しののめいろ) belt that look like the eastern sky that has begun to lighten at dawn. The pale yellow color blends well with the skin and creates a soft atmosphere. The small dial and dainty leather strap look great with any outfit. It is so light that you forget you are wearing it, so it is recommended for those who do not wear watches often. The genuine leather belt can be replaced. The subtle glamor of the delicate gold leaf glittering in the pale and gentle colors tickles the Japanese sense of beauty.

■Materials/watch body (waterproof for daily use): stainless steel, tempered glass; Belt: cowhide leather, stainless steel ※The dial shape and hand-drawn numbers maybe slightly differrent depending on the product.
■Size/Dial: Diameter 22mm (not including the watch crown), Thickness 7mm Belt: Inner circumference approx. 13.5-17cm (adjustable in 7 levels), Width approx. 0.7cm
※Movement: Quartz (Seiko) Made by EPSON, Japan) ※Weight of watch including belt: approx. 12g ※With warranty (one year).
※Belts are made based on women's sizes (wrist circumference 14.5-16.5cm).
※Because the belt is genuine leather, there may be unique wrinkles, irregularities, scratches, gloss, color blur, and uneven color on the surface.
※This is the first model released in 2022.
(Made in Japan)

※This order is pre-order. Products will be delivered from Late November 2022 - Late December 2022.
※Please understand if we are out of stock.

●Please also refer to the Shopping Guide.




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