【Pre-order】Banshu jacquard weave boucle stole made by a textile designer <scenery/monotone tone>

【Pre-order】Banshu jacquard weave boucle stole made by a textile designer <scenery/monotone tone>




Want to be buried in fluffy boucle yarn.

At the exhibition of Banshu Ori's brand , a member of the Japanese Craftsman Project fell in love with this charming stole at first sight. At first, it was not planned to be released this season, but we strongly requested Mr. Junhei Maruyama to produce it. The complicated design of the computer jacquard woven with various threads is the unique charm of . Textile designer Kanako Kajiwara created a design based on the concept of "scenery", which expresses the scenery of mountains and rivers. There are 2 types of color. has a simple color scheme, and a mature and fashionable atmosphere. is accented with vivid orange and purple in calm colors. It is woven with boucle yarn, which has small ring-like decorations and is soft. By the way, boucle means "wheel" in French. The wool blend keeps you warm, and you can wrap it around you to feel secure. It can be used as shawls and scarves in the cold winter, and raise your spirits in the cold winter with this warm stole.

■Materials: 62% wool, 20% cotton, 4% nylon, etc. ※Dry clean only
■Size: Length approx. 187cm, Width approx. 34cm
※Due to the characteristics of the material, the size may vary slightly depending on the product.
※This product is made of jacquard fabric for clothing. Depending on the design, the fabric may be partially frayed, but trimming the thread ends is no problem with scissors.
※This is the first model released in 2022.
(Made in Japan)

※This order is pre-order. Products will be delivered from Late November 2022 - Late December 2022.
※Please understand if we are out of stock.

●Please also refer to the Shopping Guide.




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