【Pre-order】Co-planned with the Fukuoka Leather Craftsman Genuine Leather Travel Bag (Camel)

【Pre-order】Co-planned with the Fukuoka Leather Craftsman Genuine Leather Travel Bag (Camel)




A bag that accompanies you on the journey of life.

Mr. Masataka Oka, a leather bagmaker in Fukuoka discussed with us, ""Let's create a new Standard all-purpose bag!"" during the project. The goal of this project is a ""Standard all-purpose bag"", so the design is extremely simple. The hand straps and shoulder straps are made of vegetable-tanned leather, which has more leathery. And the leather of the bag body, Mr.Oka went to the ""tanning factory that conforms to the world's environmental standards"" to pick by himself. This is a really charming bag and we made it with lofty ambitions! You can take this bag with you daily or go on a short trip, also it regardless of fashion and age! The wide bottom allows you to put the lunch boxes, water bottles, or enough luggage for a short trip of 1-2 days, etc. And we care about your shoulder so we designed a moderate strap width. There are two big pockets on both sides of the bag, you can put something like a cell phone or a foldable umbrella too. The bottom stud is also a happy point of it. Please take it with you to engrave more memories while you enjoy the leather texture that gradually emerges over time.

■Material: Cowhide (Bag body: Unprocessed; Handle/Shoulder Strap: Vegetable Tanned Leather); Lining: 100% Cotton; Metal Parts: Brass
■Size/ Height Approx. 24.5 cm (Not including the hand strap part), about 32cm horizontally, about 15 cm wide at the bottom Shoulder strap: total length about 92-108 cm (excluding metal parts, adjustable length) ※Outer pocket: 2, inner pocket: 1
※Because it is genuine leather, the surface of the leather may have some scratches, stains, uneven color, etc.
※The handle and shoulder strap are made of vegetable tanned leather. If used daily and touched by hand, the leather surface will gradually darken and the texture will become soft.
※This is the first version to be released in 2022.
(Made in Japan)

※This order is pre-order. Products will be delivered from Late November 2022 - Late December 2022.
※Please understand if we are out of stock.

●Please also refer to the Shopping Guide.




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